Hello and welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Gem City Mama blog! The persona “Gem City Mama” is one I’ve been using and dabbling with over the past several months. It wasn’t what I started my original blog with and is still something that I’m developing and growing as a way to set my self apart in this city. As a Gem City Mama a lot of what I write about revolves around raising our little blended family alongside my fiance Kyle in the great city of Dayton Ohio.  So much is going on in our lives and this is my way of sharing with friends, family, and whoever else is interested in what’s going on with us.


Coming up on the blog over the next year or so will be our continuing work on our house, deciding to rent or sell it, buying a new home, planning our wedding, and I’m sure a large array of other things ranging from trips, local events, and more. This is my life story, and it’s one, in my opinion, worth sharing. We aren’t the only ones out there doing these things. I feel like we are such an average family that people will connect with us, learn from us, and generally enjoy what we’re up to because they are doing the same things in their lives. Which makes us and them pretty awesome in my eyes.


I’m not here to be flashy, or use big words, or make others feel small. I’m a normal mama, with long trains of thought and spelling errors.  I try to write in a style that seems as though I’m talking to or texting a friend. Things may bounce around, but the overall purpose will always reveal it’s self in the end. Just know, that I’m glad your here. I’m glad you find my story interesting enough to read it. And I’m glad that I’m reaching people in the smallest of ways. So, thank you and enjoy!


Hello! From our little family to yours!