And so she took the next step…

Since changing most of my social media usernames to “Gem City Mama” back in the fall I thought it was time to take the blog on that same journey. The content will not be changing as I’m not changing personally any time soon. I just felt it was time to make the leap and commit fully to the persona or brand I kinda stumbled upon through blogging more regualry than I’ve ever done in the past. The timing just felt right to me now that we’ve finally got the ball rolling on some big things.

In all honesty we’ve got some some very “Dayton-centric” things happening in the next year or so. For example we’ll be renting our current house and buying another fixer upper here in the Gem City. On top of that I’ll be heavily focused on our wedding coming up in June 2018. That joyous occasion will be taking place at the Davis-Linden building and we’ll be using some very talented local businesses to bring the whole thing to life. Besides those two major things we’ll still be going out and about on our little adventures far and wide that I’ll be sharing with you all as well as tackling motherhood on its differing levels in my life. And as always, I’ll be telling the truthful side of all things, regardless of who likes it or doesn’t because this mama doesn’t play petty games like that. 

All in all it was time for this to happen and I’m excited to keep things moving along like they have been. I’m excited to meet new people, try and experience new things and work on my ever developing writing skills. This blog is more than just a place for me to share things. It’s a legit therapy of mine that helps keep me focused and realize my faults and strengths all in one place. So for those of you that have been here since the beginning, welcome back and to any new comers enjoy the ride!


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